1. Liz Prince is on a book tour promoting her new graphic memoir, Tomboy. Tonight, she’ll be in Portland. If you’re in the area, and you like graphic novels, comics, or memoirs, and Tomboys, or you are a Tomboy, you should stop by Powell’s on Hawthorne at 7:30 PM. I think it’s gonna be a good time.

  2. When I’m not at work, I’m still working. I’ve spent most my day working on a new comic and looking through comics.

  3. Some screen prints I made for my very first art show (7 or 8 years ago).

    The titles for these pieces follow:

    (1) Polaroid Girl (2) Affection (3) The Struggle (4) Letting Go (5) Andro (6) Zombie

  4. 50 Cakes of Gay

    (Source: vimeo.com)

  7. Sketchbook Drawing

  8. Meet Ringo

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  9. Cat Funeral